New In Sketch 3.7


  • Symbols have been redesigned from the ground up. They are now faster, enable the ability to nest Symbols, override images in instances, and much more
  • Symbols can now be nested as deep as you want
  • You can now override images in Symbol instances alongside text
  • Text overrides are more flexible and they now move their trailing layers
  • New Symbol text overrides deal with mixed text styles in overridden text boxes better
  • Copying Symbols and Styles between documents no longer updates existing Symbols and Styles in the document, but creates a new one instead


  • Files saved with Sketch 3.7 will no longer lose their fonts when opened on another system where those fonts are missing
  • Shared Styles now no longer sync automatically, to help ensure there is less accidental edits
  • The Make Grid sheet has been improved and streamlined getting rid of the old and confusing Boxed settings
  • You can now ungroup Artboards like you can ungroup normal groups
  • Improved Distribute functions by now asking what to do if we can’t distribute evenly on full pixels
  • When syncing Text Style changes between layers, we now also keep the baselines of the other instances intact
  • Artboards can now be auto-sized to fit their contents with a single action
  • Sketch now remembers the width of the Layer List between windows
  • When entering groups using the keyboard, we now select the top-most instead of bottom-most layer
  • Sketch now remembers if you had the Page Panel open or not
  • Updates the visual style of points and handles when editing vector shapes
  • Improvements to the scripting panel with proper undo support and syntax highlighting


  • Improves performance with blurred layers
  • Improves performance for complex documents using many rectangles
  • Improves performance when using angular gradients
  • Improved performance when selecting many layers on the Canvas
  • Improves performance when zooming into complex documents with masks or blend modes
  • Performance improvements when inserting new layers in complex documents
  • Minor performance improvements to the Layer List
  • Improved performance for mouse hover blue highlights on text layers


  • SVG export now supports inner and outer borders and blend modes for individual fills
  • Improves accuracy of shadows in SVG export
  • SVG export now also includes Image fills
  • SVG export now also includes the Artboard’s background
  • SVG export now includes Noise fills
  • Adds an item to the right-click menu to copy SVG code to the clipboard for the selected layers


  • Fixes a bug where the contextual menu for Masks wasn’t checked in all cases
  • Fixes a bug where going to File > Export would change your selection to a near exportable layer
  • Fixes a rare crasher when using the Color Picker
  • Fixes a bug in Artboard exporting where a background might be included even if the option was unchecked
  • Fixes a bug that would crash Sketch when making a grid out of Slices
  • Fixes a bug where Artboards created around masked layers could sometimes not include the Artboard when moved
  • Fixes a crash where inserting an image in shape edit mode could crash Sketch
  • Fixes a bug where resized sub-paths could be clipped unexpectedly
  • Fixes a bug where the delete key wouldn’t work after moving layers back or forth in the hierarchy
  • Fixes a bug where Symbols and Shared Styles wouldn’t be copied across to other documents when dragging entire pages via the Layer List
  • The Layer List now shows the correct preview when editing shapes
  • Fixes a bug where hiding the Artboard shadow wouldn’t have an immediate effect
  • Fixes a confusing issue in the shape editor where the handles would sometimes be drawn for multiple selections, and sometimes not
  • Fixes a rare crasher that could appear after closing our Welcome window
  • Fixes a small issue where the Make Exportable option would disappear while you were moving layers around
  • Fixes a bug where copying some text from Safari could result in inexplicable padding for the new text
  • Fixes a rare bug where layers could fail to reorder
  • Fixes a possible crash when pasting layer styles
  • Fixes a bug where Sketch could stall when dropping invalid content on the Canvas

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